Ready to get started right away or looking for a reference mentioned in a blog post?  Here’s a list of my favorite resources:

Ecommerce Platforms:

Big Commerce


Video and Photography Resources


Canon EOS Rebel T6 – I love this camera for photos.  It’s not so great for video.

Canon SL2 – This is the camera I’m looking at for video.  It includes features such as a flip screen and the ability to add an external microphone.

Studio Lighting Kit – This is the setup I use when filming product review videos for my ecommerce store.

Neewar Ring Light – I love this light.  It’s great for product photography.  I also use it when I’m shooting personal videos like you see on this website.

Azden Pro Wireless Microphone System for Smartphones – This is the setup I use when shooting interviews and videos on location.  It eliminates background noise so that you can just record the audio of the people speaking without interference.