Content Marketing and Content – Talk Like a Marketer Series (Video)

In this episode of our Talk Like a Marketer Series, we are talking about the importance of content marketing along with the types of content you can share to promote your ecommerce business.

Hey, everybody. In this week’s episode of in the Talk Like a Marketer series, we are talking about content marketing and content. I have to tell you that content marketing is one of my favorite things in the entire world. It’s so much my favorite thing that I didn’t actually know it was called something when I first started doing this.

When I launched my website, I knew from the very beginning … In case you don’t know, I sell race car parts. That’s what I do. What I wanted to include is I always wanted how-to articles and tech tips to be able to really connect my customers with the information, so that they could pick the best products for their racing program. I want my customers to win and be the best.

I really, really had no idea that that was actually called something until I went to my first digital marketing conference, which would be the Internet Summit in 2014. I’d been calling it invisible marketing, because, you know, I mean, let’s be honest. I’m still a business person, so I’m not completely altruistic, which means that if I give information, I mean, I’ll show you, hey, here’s how you change valve springs, and oh, by the way, I happen to sell that tool, so that’s why I called it invisible marketing, because I was giving them valuable information, but at the same time, I was trying to sell a product. So, with content marketing, that’s actually what that is called, because you’re providing content and it’s marketing mixed together.

Form of Content Marketing


So what type of content is going to be best for your e-commerce store? What are the type of questions that your customer is asking? Is it, what are the best gift choices for this Christmas? Maybe you’re in fashion, and you want to give them the best style tips for the season. Those the type of things, and then of course, you tie in your products with that information. Those are just a couple of tips, but content marketing is huge, and it can take different forms, as well. If you prefer to do writing, great. Write away. Write, and write, and write, and that’s a fantastic idea.


I will tell you that the most popular and most successful form of content marketing today is video. Video is huge. Huge. I mean, I’m someone who, I mean, I used to sit a at desk and Facebook would scroll by, and I never clicked on videos, but now they autoplay. I mean, it’s right there. They’re already playing before I can even stay stop or anything, and then I get sucked in, and next thing you know I’m three clicks away, and I just gave somebody money.

So, those were a couple of ways of content marketing. It could be pictures, or look books, and content can take lots of different forms, and we’ll be talking about a lot about content marketing and social media, how to get your message out there in future videos.

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