7 Tips to Get Started with Content Marketing for Your Business

This is a question I hear often from other business owners—how do I create content to market my business? Here are my 7 Tips to get started.

Hey, everybody. There’s a question I get asked often. How is it that I’m able to create so many videos and content and that just showing up on social media all the time? I have come up with my seven tips for getting started with content marketing for your business. Tip number one, and I’m just going to jump right in. I’m going to go over these quickly, and then in future videos, I will go into depth on each of these items, each of these seven tips, and go into some more detail and do a whole series here.

The tip number one is create recurring content. This was really my super power is I started doing Top Five Tuesday. I started doing that a few years ago on Facebook, and that meant every single Tuesday, I knew what I was going to post, and so if you can create something recurring. Maybe it’s Motivational Monday or Throwback Thursday. It really depends on your particular business, but by creating something recurring, it really forces you to show up. That’s tip number one.

Tip number two is develop categories or buckets of different social media. People call them different things, but the types of content that your audience wants to see. In my case, maybe there are some quotes. Maybe I’m doing some tech tips, and I again, I will go into more detail in future videos on different types of content, but having different buckets that you can think oh, gosh, with this category I need to create a few things, and you kind of want to hit all of your categories.

Tip number three is scheduling. Oh, my gosh. Facebook and YouTube make this so easy because you could schedule … heck, I could schedule a video to be posted six months from now if that’s what I wanted to do. I think you can go out six months, I don’t know. But, that way … I know as a small business owner, sometimes we’re working at midnight or heck, 3:00 in the morning, but you wouldn’t want to post at that time, so take advantage of scheduling and schedule your posts for the future. It makes it so much easier.

My tip number four is tools and apps. There are so many of these that are great. I’m always trying out some new tools, new apps, just to see what’s going to work for what I want to do. But just to name a few that you might want to check out, Planoly is a planning tool that you can use for Instagram. It’s available on … they have a website as well as on your phone, and all of that syncs together.

Videoshop is an app. I think it’s like five bucks, and it’s a great way to produce short little videos. Well, I use them for short videos and making it for fun, so I’ll do a review or a tutorial on that one in the future.

Canva is another great one. I don’t use the app. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t resonate with me, but I do use the website, so canva.com, and it’s a great way of creating some of your graphics. Perfect. They’ve got all the sizes right there, things like your Facebook cover photo, Instagram posts, if you’re doing a newsletter. There are lots of different options there, so canva.com. It’s free. Of course, there is a paid portion if you want to do paid, but the free portion of it is fantastic.

The next one would be Word Swag. I love this one for quotes, and I will be doing a tutorial on this one. Word Swag is a great app, and I think that one’s maybe one or two dollars. I can’t remember.

And then lastly, VSCO, V-S-C-O. Oh, my God, I love this app for editing photos, even photos that I take with real cameras, I will get them uploaded to my phone, and I will just go ahead and do it right on my phone, and it’s the best I’ve found. Again, I’m not a professional photographer. I don’t know how to use Lightroom. I can do stuff in Photoshop, but I don’t think there’s a post that goes out anymore that I haven’t run through VSCO. I love that app so that’s a great one.

All right. Let’s move on to number five is produce your content in batches. Remember what I was saying about categories. You may keep a list. Keep a list of photos you want to take or videos, and when I sit down to do a video, I rarely just shoot one at a time. Sometimes it happens, especially if it’s a longer video, but when I sit down to do videos, I prefer to do two or three at a time, or when I’m shooting some pictures for Instagram, I will have a whole list of the things I want to do in a photo shoot, and I will shoot all of those at one time. And quotes and just all kinds of things, I do these in batches, and then I’ve just got it, and then I can use it however I want to. That really cuts down on the stress is when you do things in batches. Big deal.

Number six. To be successful with content marketing, I’m going to tell you, be as consistent as you possibly can. Things happen and totally understandable, but just as a guideline, I would say with Facebook to post two to three times a week for starting off. With YouTube if you’re doing video, which I would strongly suggest, you want to show up at least once a week with video. And for Instagram, the experts tell you to post daily, every day. Yes, every day. That is a big pile to try to do and believe me, I understand the challenge there. But that does give you some guidelines on consistency.

And then, my number seven. To really be successful is have a strong call to action. CTA is what many people call it so your strong CTA. When you do your posts, tell your people what you want them to do. Are you telling them to buy something? Do you want them to watch your video? Do you want to share it? A lot of times my posts will say, “Feel free to share and tag your friends,” or I’ll say, “Click the link to buy this now,” whatever it is that you want them to do. I just see so many businesses, they put out this content and they don’t tell the audience what they even want them to do with it, and if you can have a really strong call to action and telling people exactly what you want them to do, then they’ll do that.

Those are my seven tips for getting started or being successful in content marketing, and I hope you’ll take a look at this and use this in your business. And if you think there’s something I should’ve included on this list, feel free to leave a comment, and then like I’ve mentioned, I will be doing separate videos on these items if you want to dig a little bit deeper. In the meantime, thank you so much for watching. If you like what I’m doing, hit that subscribe button, and if you like this particular video and you want to save it, go ahead and hit that thumbs up. And in the meantime, I will see you in the next video.

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